Transformation Solution Program
 On the opening page of the Transformation Solution Program Review by Bill Phillips, there are three lines which summarize what this program claims to give you. It reads, “The Mindset You Need, The Body You Want, The Life You Deserve”. These three lines tell a lot about this program as you’ll see in this review.  The only thing left to see is whether the program actually delivers. The Transformation Solution Review is a nutrition, fat loss, and fitness plan. But it is also much more than that. The program tries to change all aspects of your life, the physical, emotional, and mental. The idea is that through an overall change, you will be able to lose body fat and get lean, improve your health, look fantastic, feel better, and lead a happier life.
The Transformation Solution Program Review was created by Bill Phillips, a bestselling author, trainer, and coach who has been working with overweight and out of shape people for over 10 years. He is known as one of the very top experts in America on how to get people to lose weight and change their body, even if they’ve failed with multiple other diets in the past.
One example of such a transformation story is a man named Marty who weighed 260 lbs when he met Phillips and a short time afterwards dropped 71 lbs and even ran his first marathon. Check out their before and after pictures below:

What is The Transformation Solution Review
This is a program that tries to get you to improve your life and achieve your goals, both physical and emotional. The important thing to note is that these are YOUR GOALS. The program begins by showing you a process by which you set your goals in a way which will make it easy to maintain motivation and to achieve them.
The Transformation Solution Review includes the following components:
  1. The main manual in which Bill Philips teaches the entire process of change and also shares some impressive success stories, such as the one about Marty.
  2. A cookbook – Nutrition is the key to fat loss so you will get all the information you need in this cookbook.
  3. Success journals – These are made-for-you journals to keep track of your progress and your achievements.
  4. Various audios and videos about fitness, exercises, motivation, and other transformation tips.
Note: No supplements are sold in this program. You don’t need to buy anything else to use this plan.

Does The Transformation Solution Work?

There is no doubt that Bill Phillips has helped many men and women lose fat and change their body for the better. There are many success stories and it’s clear that his methods work for men and women of a variety of ages.
Naturally, a lot depends on you and how you come to this program. You need to be willing to do some hard work, to train hard, to eat right, and to take steps to remain motivated and focused on your progress and happiness.
If you are ready to work toward making a difference in your life, I have no doubt that using the material in the Transformation Solution Program Review can help you achieve your goals.

Things I learned from This Program

1. How to create strong goals – Goal setting is the first step in any successful weight loss process. With this plan, you can create steel like goals and keep your motivation high.
2. The right way to exercise – You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to change your body. The right kind of exercise, as Bill Phillips shows, can make a tremendous difference in as little as 30 minutes of workout, 3 times a week.
3. How to eat properly – No superfoods or complex methods are needed to start feeding your body right. The program teaches the right meal frequency, calorie control guidelines, the right foods to eat and why they’re good, how to create your own meal plans and so on.
4. How to use your family and friends as support – It’s often hard to turn for help and get support. Bill Phillips shows you how you should use your loved ones as support during your transformation process.
5. How to eliminate addictive habits – Changing your life is all about your habits. You need to get rid of bad habits and learn new ones. The Transformation Solution Program shows a method in which this can be done.
6. How to create a mindset for success – This is true for any field, at anything you want to achieve. You need to have the right mindset for success. This is one of my favorite things about this plan. It’s not just about calories and fat, but mostly about personal achievement in anything you want.

Pros and Cons of the Transformation

  • Bill Phillips, the author, has helped thousands of people create a healthier and fitter body and life.
  • You can lose a lot of pounds with this program.
  • No supplements are needed to do this plan.
  • Helps you change your body, mindset, and life.
  • Affordable price.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Requires you to do some internal work to really understand your goals and motivation points.

In Conclusion

The Transformation Solution Program Review is an in-depth plan to help you achieve your goals. While the program focuses onfat loss, nutrition, and fitness, these elements can be used to improve your life in a variety of fields, in anything you want.
I recommend the Transformation Solution Review because I feel that it is a program that goes deeper than most plans do and it can help you create the right kind of habits for success.
 Here is a short video which shows some before and after pictures:

Lose Weight by Loving Yourself

I had recently gained ten or so pounds. I realize that that is not a life-changing or physically detrimental amount and that it is not an equivalent comparison to people who would like to lose some serious pounds. But it has certainly opened my eyes to some new aspects of body image and the difficulty of losing weight (I’ve never dieted or tried to lose weight before).

What first caught my attention was when I found myself saying, “Yuck” about my image in the mirror. Next to the mirror I keep a little reminder card: Love myself. Yuck didn’t exactly fit with loving myself. At that moment, a light bulb lit up in my mind: Can I love myself with these extra pounds? That would be unconditional love, the true sense of the phrase. I knew then and there that that is what I had to do before those pounds would drop off. I knew then and there that those pounds were added onto my stomach – yes, of course, because I was exercising less and eating more – but really they were there as a learning opportunity to help me become aware of loving myself, no matter what I looked like; to feel my worthiness regardless of my physical appearance. I also realized I had gained these pounds because I was not loving myself and feeling worthy at this particular time of my life (that’s another article!). If this was the case, then I knew that loving myself and feeling worthy was the key to those pounds staying off, as well. Invaluable insights for the mere cost of ten pounds.

Now, the question is how to love myself and feel worthy when I have a stomach ache because my jeans are too tight; when I look down and continually see a balloon-shaped belly (small, but a balloon nonetheless); when I feel awful that I have obliterated my previous work-out results?

Perhaps the answer is to begin by focusing on other aspects of myself that I do feel worthy about. In other words, rather than focus on what I don’t like, focus on what I do like. So I do this for a few days and it doesn’t come easy. I, almost continuously, have to remind myself to, ‘Find the good! Find the good!’ I start with what I can see: My hair looks good; I like the shape of my lips and color of my eyes. I continue listing several other physical attributes that I feel good about. Then, without intentionally meaning to do so, I go deeper – beyond the mere physical. I start appreciating my intelligence and all I have accomplished in my life. Then, to the mental/emotional level. I appreciate – love, even – the process of how I was disgusted with my body but now am finding the value in realizing my weight gain’s tie to my self-worth.

Not only do I begin to feel worthy and love my whole self, extra pounds and all, but I get a stronger sense of who I really am, or maybe I should say, who I am not. Fat can come and go (the same for looks and brains), but I understand that my true self is not only this body. I do not want to limit my love of myself to what I look like. My true self is much grander and is linked to All That Is. I realize that in negatively focusing and berating myself for my extra ten pounds (or however much might be the case for you), I’m missing the big picture of my true, grand self. I still desire to lose this added weight, but the difference is that my weight or my dress size, are not determining the worth I feel for myself. I see the bigger, wonderful picture of who I really am.

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Interestingly, as I focus on loving myself unconditionally, I begin to exercise more and eat healthier. I can’t say that I am deliberately trying to exercise or eat better. It just sort of becomes something I want to do. Could it be that when you feel good about yourself unconditionally, you naturally do things that make you feel even better? I think so.

If you find yourself battling with your weight - or any other physical attribute - perhaps now is the time to expand and stop limiting your definition of who you are. Feel good about yourself, as is. And then enjoy the pounds melting away without struggle.      

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Diabetes Free Program Review

So you have heard made mention of the Diabetes Free program right. You have wondered what it is, who is behind it and whether it really works. You have wondered whether this is just another hoax or scam designed to separate you from your hard earned money I have wondered the same too. 

Indeed if going by the warnings about scams and ineffective dietary supplements put out there by well-respected Diabetes support organizations like Diabetes UK, one can hardly go wrong by taking time out to do a little research on the program. And so like you, I decided to do a little digging. 
Diabetes Free-what then, is it?
 The Diabetes Free program is a downloadable e-book written by Dr David Pearson geared towards helping diabetics reverse the disease. It is featured on Clickbank and can be bought at the website for $ 37.On visiting the website you will be made in 41 minutes video pitch, Which initially promised to be no more than 6 minutes (quite annoying). Nevertheless, it talks about the challenges and complications from diabetes Arising in general and what people normally have to do dietary restrictions-for example, to manage it. It then goes on to talk about how good it would be to eat what you want- like hot dogs, milkshakes etc. without having to worry about your blood sugar spiking. This, it was possible through the continued Diabetes Free program.

Like all Clickbank e-books, a Diabetes free program purchase is refundable within a 60 days period. Some of the claims do have scientific bahis. For example it posits that the secret of the program is a mixture of exotic compounds effective to increase IGF or Insulin like Growth Factor (works like insulin) which is found in the liver. 

So what is IGF? According to Wikipedia “
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), also called somatomedin C, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the IGF 1gene. IGF-1 has also been referred to as a “sulfaction” factor" and its effects were termed "nonsuppressible insulin-like activity" (NSILA) in the 1970s… It is produced mostly by the liver as an endocrine hormone as well as in target tissues...” Produced throughout life, it enjoys its highest rates of production during puberty and lowest during infancy and old age. 

As far as diabetes goes, clinical trials actually showed impressive results of its efficacy for reducing hemoglobin A1C levels as well as daily insulin consumption in both Type 1 and Type 2 cases. However, Genetech, the sponsor of the trials discontinued the program due to its exacerbation of diabetic retinopathy. It is expected thus that the mixture of compounds that 
Diabetes Free offers should have a way of combating this contraindication.
 The second nodule of the program is the elimination of glwithout from aperson’s diet. This also has some scientific bases. Namely that a 2009 study testing 42 Type 1 diabetics showed a connection between wheat and the development of the condition. The results showed that the immune system of almost half of these had an abnormal response to wheat proteins. And this corresponds to the finding that an estimated 10% of people with Type 1 diabetes also have celiac disease a gluten causative condition. 

Further, the results of a study comparing two groups- one on the paleo diet and the other on the Mediterranean diet containing grains (in order words gluten containing foods) showed that while those in the Mediterranean group had little improvement in their diabetes symptoms, members of the Paleo group were able to reverse their diabetes symptoms. 

In addition, whilst the Mediterranean group had a “7 percent lower rise in glucose in response to carbohydrate intake, the paleo group experienced a 26% reduction”. As such the program identifies recipes and foods that are gluten free. Thus foods like wheat, semolina, barley, oats and rye are off the menu.

In addition to the above main points, Diabetes Free advises other diets and lifestyle changes one can make to help eradicate unsafe acids from the body.

The package also comes with 3 bonus reports; namely- 1. Foot Miracle –to improve blood circulation and prevent diabetic foot problems like diabetic neuropathy, 2. 27 Deserts (drawn up in collaboration with dieticians, endocrinologists and bakers) that will allow you to eat what you want without spiking YOUR blood sugar and 3. Breathe in to New Life- Indian breathing techniques that will help you improve your overall health.

Merits and Demerits of the Diabetes Free program


Achieves positive results relatively fast
Going by information on the official site of the cure, by simply following the recommendations, permanent results can be achieved in 14 days. Though I was hard put to find people who actually reversed their diabetes within such a small time frame, I did come across reports of people who recorded incredible results in only 4-6 weeks.
Takes the natural approach to curing diabetes-no side effects

Because it takes the natural approach, users do not experience the nasty side effects associated with conventional medications.

Improvement in Quality of Life
Because it frees you from the constant blood sugar monitoring, testing, carb counting and the like, it actually improves ones general quality of life. Giving you time to concentrate on living and enjoying the food that you love.

User friendly information layout
Life is so much easier when one doesn't have to deal with jargon and interpret technicalities. This program makes things that much more easier because it is written in simple language that’s easy to understand and follow.

60 Days refundable payment
Once purchased you have a 60 day guarantee of returning it and having your money back. This sounds more than fair, since if you consider that transfer is by down load, strictly speaking, you don’t actually return it when you ask for a refund.


Only available as ebook
Only available as an e-book and not in hard copy. For those who like the reality interface that hard copy offers, this might be a minus.

Designed mainly for Type 2 Diabetics
It appears to be designed mainly for Type 2 diabetics although the Insulin-like growth Factor whose production the program aims to increase, has been said to have positive effects on Type 1. Patients. Dr. Pearson does not make this added advantage clear in his video.

Not a Quick fix cure
Determination and discipline is necessary to successfully follow this program and achieve the desired results. The program is not a quick fix or a silver bullet that will eliminate diabetes at the drop of a hat. Though results achieved can be relatively fast, it requires effort.

My belief is that Diabetes free program is an effective guide that will be beneficial to any Type 2 diabetic. Premised on natural therapies to boost and strengthen the body’s metabolic agents, the underlying rationale for the treatment does have scientific bases. Having looked at it from many angles, I’m hard put to call it a scam, since you do get to have your money back if you don’t like it. Besides, the testimony of people who have tried it, suggests that this is not just another quack cure. 

On the down side though, it is not a silver bullet or quick fix remedy for curing diabetes. Following the program and achieving the desired results requires persistence, discipline and determination. As such if you can’t muster the will to follow the instructions and make the necessary life style modifications, then the Diabetes Free program may not be for you. 

On the other hand if you can and are keen on a side-effects free natural remedy for permanently reversing your Type 2 diabetes, then I see no reason why you shouldn't give this a try. After all, what have you got to lose?
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Can The Venus Factor Nutrition Plan Promote Weight Loss?
It appears every woman is discussing The Venus Factor Nutrition Plan these days. Why it has come to be so prominent among the women world? Let's evaluation exactly what it is and how it functions.

Women of any sort of age can follow its 12-week program to achieve the ideal body forms they want. So it is not simply one more average fat loss device. It is a nourishment and fitness organize for ladies that wish to change their figure and acquire various physical body measurements and proportions in between their numerous body components.
There are many crucial proportions in woman's body.
  • Height to Waist
  • Waist to Hip
  • Waistline to Shoulder
Once you defined your own proportion, you'll adhere to the Venus Factor Nutrition Plan eating and workout class to function to your own ideal body form.
Yet why does it particularly function efficiently for females? Let's check out the science behind it.
Studies reveal that weight decrease for both females and men is regulated by 1 master bodily hormone - Leptin.
Leptin manages 100 % of your physical body's capacity to burn fatty tissue.
You might not know exactly how Leptin functions, below's a fast recap.
High degrees of Leptin quicken your signal and metabolism the body to shed reduced and fat deposits degrees of Leptin slow down your signal and metabolism the physical body to establishment fat. There are shocking truths concerning ladies and Leptin, although these are the basics.
Researchers lately discovered that females naturally have double the quantity from the fat deposits burning hormone Leptin within their body when compared to guys. That's fortunately!
The not so great information is ladies can be 3 times less receptive to Leptin's signal to burn fat deposits compared to guys. Exactly what this implies is although that girls have a lot much more Leptin they simply aren't utilizing its fat deposits lessening possibility.
TheVenus Factor Nutrition Planworks around developing a brand-new, fat burning metabolic process for your physical body. Getting rid of foods that ruin Leptin sensitivity will certainly allow weight diminishes in the very first 2 weeks. Venus Factor Nutrition Plan meal prepares keep females's Leptin sky-high and enable ladies to burn fatty tissue all the time ... even if they are resting.  
TheVenus Factor Nutrition Planhandle ladies's Leptin level while eating the dishes they would like to eat without counting calories. Within the long term, females won't need to be had an effect on by the dreadful rebound putting on weight after giving up a diet regimen plan.  
This 12-week Venus Factor Leptin Diet  health and nutrition strategy has shown to help any lady, at any health and fitness level. You merely have to be in good health in order to do the workouts. You don't need to count calories or to limit on your own extreme. You could appreciate your chosen foods, reasonably, certainly.  
Negative aspects
Like several things in life, folks fail because of one factor - absence of resolution. The Venus Factor Nutrition Plan does need your 100 % commitment to keep to the 12-week consuming and workout strategy.

Venus Factor Leptin Diet will truly change your life and the way you look for the better more than any other diet you have tried before. Don't wait any longer click the link below, there is a 60 Day Guarantee you have nothing to lose...
Venus Factor Nutrition Plan

Five Easy Venus Factor Leptin Diet Weight Loss Tips

There is the time of year just after the holidays when everyone starts considering what resolutions they may want to make for the new year. Most people are searching for easy weight loss tips they can incorporate into their daily lives.
Here are five easy Venus Factor Leptin Diet weight loss tips for you to see and follow success within your weight reduction journey:
1. Water. The first thing you want to do would be to drink plenty of water. The overall rule is to drink "half your weight" in water every day. For instance, in the event you weigh 180 lbs., then you'll drink 90 ounces of water each day. If you're not used to drinking that much, but it's so good for you and it will promote weight reduction, that may seem like a lot, which is.
2. Start walking. Obtain a little pedometer that counts your steps each day. Create a goal on your own to walk a minimum of ten thousand steps each day. If your job is generally sedentary, you'll have to make an effort to wake up from your desk more often and take those steps. Go out at lunch and take a stroll.
3. Journal. Jot down the foods you eat inside a journal. Or use an online journal, like Fitday or anything similar that will track your food as well as your calories. The internet journals are extremely good because they can actually track the calories/fat/protein ratios so there is a real account of what you are putting in your body.
4. Measure everything! When you think you're eating a wholesome salad, make sure and measure your salad dressing. Many times what people think is really a 2 Tbs. portion size is more like 6 Tbs. Or if you have a chicken breast on your own salad that should be a serving size of 3 oz., ensure and weigh it. You might wind up discovering that you've been eating up to 6 or 8 oz. of protein instead if you don't really know what 3 oz. is.
5. Make goals on your own. Not only the best weight reduction goal of where you would like to get to, but goals for every day and every week. For instance, the aim for every day ought to be how much water you're drinking, how many minutes of exercise you are carrying out and the number of calories you are going to stay within. Weekly goals might be which you will go to the gym three times each week.
If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, these few easy Venus Factor Leptin Diet weight loss tactics will help you to get to the right track. They are simple to incorporate into your everyday routine. The most important thing to remember is that weight loss only occurs should there be a calorie deficit. You need to burn more calories than what you are taking in daily to be able to see a loss.
Another essential thing is to get plenty of sleep. Lots of people don't realize how important sleep is within slimming down. Making these changes puts you into change of lifestyle mode rather than diet mode which are things you can keep doing for the long haul.

Venus Factor Leptin Diet will truly change your life and the way you look for the better more than any other diet you have tried before. Don't wait any longer click the link below, there is a 60 Day Guarantee you have nothing to lose..VenusFactorUserReviews

The Venus Factor News Live

The Venus Factor is a weight loss/exercise program developed by John Barban, a nutrition and fitness expert who believes that female resistance to the fat-burning powers of the hormone Leptin is the reason so many struggle to lose weight. His program provides online nutrition advice that steers clients away from foods that contribute to Leptin resistance and toward foods that reduce this phenomenon and according to other Venus Factor nesw live, it’s working for thousands of other women around the world. In addition, Barban has designed an exercise plan that also helps ramp up a woman’s weight loss ability. 

What’s included in the Venus Factor Diet Program

  • The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide
  • 12 Week Workout Program
  • The Virtual Nutritionist
  • The Venus Index Podcast Series
  • The Venus Factor Online Community
The Venus Factor attempts to totally “immerse” its clients into a lifestyle change by providing 24/7 support through its website, which is packed with testimonials and scientific research sources. The program typically costs a few hundred dollars but is currently available for $47 which gives you access to all of the tools and e-books listed above.

Venus Factor: The Positives

Unlike with most weight loss programs, the Venus Factor news live are overwhelmingly positive. On, Sherah Taylor says,”Eight children in 12 years and I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life!” Other happy customers report that “My husband is the envy of his friends for essentially getting a “new” wife in mid-life!” and “At the beginning I doubted the program, but when I saw my after pictures I was sold. I will stick to the Venus program and I am not going to look for any other program anymore I have found what works, finally.”

Venus Factor: Negatives

Of course, Venus Factor negative news live are unlikely to be placed on the products actual website, but finding negative comments of the program anywhere on the internet is difficult. Most tout the ease of the nutritional aspect and the effectiveness of the workouts, though some users did complain that the exercise aspect was a little difficult to follow. Few if any users posted serious negatives, and most waxed almost poetic about their results.
Overall, those following the Venus Factor plan are more than pleased with their results and relentlessly promote it online and in person. If people are unhappy with the program and its guidelines, they are, for the most part, remaining quiet about it. Judging by the reviews, the Venus Factor is helping women tone up and trim down with few negative side effects.

Fast Fit Fat Program News – Does It Work?

Fast Fit Fat Program news is created for people similar to you! It is a complete reality-based program that will not demand any difficult perform, significantly time or numerous investment. Sounds so great? Nicely, preserve reading through. It is possible to deal with it in very brief time frame simply because it had specified guidelines, dwell movies and funny pictures! If you would like to purchase, you have to require to obtain more descriptive and truthful info prior to your getting. Is Fast Fit Fat Program Scam or Genuine? This Fast Fit Fat Program news is the correct place!
Fast Fit Fat Program
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With large quality and great popularity, Fast Fit Fat Program has attained the trust of all those that have employed it! has extended term totally free trial (60 days). The benefits throughout the trial would be the same using the ultimate ones. The obtain value to your complete model is comparatively reduced in comparison with paralleled program, and after having to pay for it, it is possible to right away appreciate no-watermark functions from Fast Fit Fat Program. There is undoubtedly that it has to be the best system on earth!
You may have only a little suspicion about Fast Fit Fat Program, because there are plenty of scams nowadays. Well, it is really our occupation to evaluation Fast Fit Fat Program. It is not a scam, and you also will definitely regret later on on in the event you shed this kind of unusual possibility! Most of you will need to have developed a concept that this product is a scam but believe in me it is not a scam instead. is truly a great solution that may help you to understand your dreams which you simply even can’t picture prior to!
You need to be entirely material along with your program, otherwise you will get yourself a total refund – every penny of it! Fast Fit Fat Program news is absolutely basic and effective, and naturally totally risk free of charge to suit your needs personally! If for almost any cause, you take place to become unsatisfied utilizing this method or else you believe this is not the most effective factor for you. Have you thought about its price? The buy cost to your complete model is comparatively minimal not like paralleled system, and right after buying it, you’re in a position to right away enjoy no watermark functions from this!
Order this technique anytime – twenty-four hours per day, seven days every week, from your nation! You can buy now and get accessibility towards the system instantly after your payment. There is certainly which you will conserve many dollars ought to you picking it. As well as the very best element is, it’s going to provide you with excellent final results! You future is for you!
It is time for you to overlook the months and lots of many years of being amongst those enthusiast professionals – you realize these poor guys who read all the magazines but does not have the time to get obtaining the skills he wants. We all know that there are many applications like It obtainable inside the industry, and lots of of them guarantee the most successful performance! Precisely what is the difference among It and other individuals? It focuses on producing creative ideas and methods, which without doubt would give you adequate help. is excellent in offering you the simplest method to produce every little thing straightforward for you! It is an amazing guidebook or guide which includes important ideas, giving you in depth and clear instructions in developing your own personal beautiful future!
Fast Fit Fat Program Benefits news.
It fundamentally supplies the primary concept behind Fast Fit Fat Program, with out giving an opportunity to the misconceptions or tiny incidents with the trial. The unique style of this item permits that you moving about it to you wherever you will need to go. It is planning to work immediately! It will save you adequate time and significantly funds! It is workable at your home or anywhere you would like!
What can you get from Fast Fit Fat Program?
guaranteeFast Fit Fat Program looks to become 100% reputable taking a look at the analysis good results. Every person take pleasure in it! Fast Fit Fat Program has acquired the believe of each of the those that have employed it! Using this guidebook, it’s become really easy to comprehend some special suggestions and work tough. We continually search the web to get the very best items available. Then we hand these item lists over to our group of expert reviewers for in-depth study. They return possessing a comprehensive evaluation of every item, in addition with a comparative ranking analysis.
This method gives a super straightforward and instant good results by way of a every day strategy of 15 minutes. It includes a number of factors that can alter your current situation and make the ideal be realized! Truthful to speak, helped me to a whole great deal! I am specific that this kind of a fantastic item with your a low cost can entice you. The best of all, it offers100% money-back guarantee
That will help you be much more happy, if you are a member of this method, you will get limitless entry to the members’ region and you also may take pleasure inside the updates for existence!
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Fat Loss Power of Food

I know that most readers think that fat loss is all about exercise, but you must know that good nutrition is just as important for fat loss results. Making the correct food choices is your secret weapon in the rush to get the best body for summer. Eating right will help you lose fat and increase your energy dramatically, so that you’ll have plenty of stamina for social life, in the gym, and at work.
When I start working with clients, I have everyone enter their food intake on a nutrition tracking website to allow both of us to evaluate their nutrition. Some of the common problems that I see are:

1. Too many treats per day. As one client said, ”I still have one treat per day such as chips, a chocolate bar, a donut, or a rib sub each day, and sometimes I skip breakfast. But other than that, I think it is pretty good.”
If that’s the case, and you are trying to lose fat, then you will have a difficult time. You just can’t eat that many treats (read: garbage) and expect to get lean (unless you are 16 years old).
2. Skipping breakfast.
3. Not eating enough fiber.
4. Not eating enough lean protein and low-glycemic, low-fat carbohydrate sources.
5. Not eating much during the day and then eating a huge dinner.
1. Set the tone with the first meal of the day by consuming a lean protein source and high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates. Fiber at this meal will help control blood sugar over the morning and can help modify appetite at subsequent meals.
2. Consume mini-meals to prevent starvation-induced meal binges and energy slumps.
3. Choose snacks that contain protein and fiber, such as almonds.
4. Keep your dinner moderate, and avoid high-calorie feasts.
5. Consume calorie-free beverages, preferably Green Tea or water.
6. Consume at least the recommended amount of fiber through vegetables, fruits, almonds, etc. But start adding fiber to your diet slowly and drink more water.
7. Try to improve your nutrition each day. This will help get you into healthy eating habits. Be consistent with your training and nutrition, and you’ll get results.
So here is your challenge. Start with one day and eliminate all of the processed foods from your nutrition plan. I want you to go one full day without foods containing added sugar, hydrogenated oils, or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
If you do this, you’ll feel amazing and energized. You will probably have your best workout of the year and you’ll probably get more done at work as well.
Replace the junk with lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains (such as oat-based products), water, and green tea. Make sure to log your food intake on and compare it to your regular eating. You’ll notice that it is very hard to overeat when you eat only healthy foods. And then next week, try going two days without processed foods.
Keep focusing on one improvement each day and soon you’ll have better nutrition habits and fast fat loss to go along with it…not to mention a new body!
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 
Author, Turbulence Training
Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment